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Dockwell is a sister brand of Fantom Drives

Bella Baby Monitor

5" HD 720P Monitor with Infrared Camera



Stunning HD 720P video quality with 5″ monitor. Add up to 4 cameras per monitor!

Sound Detection

Two-Way Voice Intercom with Auto Sound Activation

Temperature Alarm

Displays the temperature of the room and alerts if a certain temperature is reached.


Built-in Lullabies that can be played through the camera.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode doubles the life of the battery for when everything is peaceful.

Night Vision

940nm infrared technology provides clear night vision images and is safe for the baby.

Secure & Easy to Use

Dockwell’s Bella Baby Monitor does not need to be connected to any network. It is paired directly between the monitor and cameras. Pairing is simple and only takes a few seconds.

As it doesn’t need internet to be used, it is secure and invulnerable to hacking. Rest easy knowing that your baby is safe but so is your privacy.

Night Vision & Alerts

Dockwell’s Bella Baby Monitor uses 940nm infrared light which can’t be seen after 3 feet. This protects the baby’s eyes from any infrared light sources and allows the baby to sleep undisturbed.

Bella Baby Monitor comes with sound alarm which detects crying or any unusual sounds. It has a temperature alarm for when the room goes above or below certain temperature. Other alarms include a low battery alarm and a video signal interruption alarm.

Battery Life & Coverage

Bella Baby Monitor comes with a built-in lithium battery with up to 7 hours of operation with power-saving mode and 3.5 hours of continuous screen on operation.

It also has an unobstructed range of over 900 feet coverage!